Hey There!
Hey There!

Whatever the ink wishes, I’ll write about.

I’m a short woman with a BIG imagination and a less than healthy obsession with cheese (cheddar is my lifeblood). I like all things writing and reading, from children’s books to dystopias. I also like music (I like many genres and styles), food (except mushroom), games (detective/puzzle solvers are my thing right now).

My blog will have a bit of everything that I like and love. I’ll be posting poems, story bites and lots of other stuff. Feel free to comment, share and tell me what interests you as well. If there’s something you believe I might like to write about, tell me (please?) but most of all, enjoy!

Don’t know where to start? Then click on any or all of the links below:

Fancy a Poem?

How about a Short Story?

Maybe you’re in the mood for a Review?

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