What Better Place To Start: Revisited

Whenever I get stuck on what to write next, most of the time I revisit some of the early stuff that I have written, be it a poem, a story or something else entirely. I look for a line that interests me and then see if I can make something new from there or just edit – never know what might spark creativity.

So with that in mind, I ended up looking back to not just one of, but the first poem I wrote on my blog and I can say that my views on the world have changed and I’m more confident in myself than I once was. So here’s me revisiting my poem ‘Wordplay’ click here if you want to see the first version. Let me know what you think!



Don’t say, think.

What are you gonna say?

What can you say?

What can you say?

“Hi? How are you?”

Pick your words carefully now.


Words build-up like phlegm in the back of my throat,

Solidifying, choking me;

I heave.

A dry cough scratches

past mishappen words.

Fallen C’s and capital T’s scratch

at the roof of my mouth;

Anecdotes leave the sides of my tongue inflamed,

White spots store “When I was younger I’s”

and “I know someone that has’s”

there’s no need for my past,




Words can’t break through the barrier

of dull white and pale yellow

tongue sits weighted behind bars,

drowning in its own spittle

curls around my sentences,

saliva incarcerates the missed “Yeah’s”

and “Oh really’s”,

hurls them

at my windpipe

and I swallow.


No one likes the awkward silences…


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