The Ravings of an Insomniac

Last night I dreamt of you

I dreamt you long-haired and walnut pigmented

I dreamt you short haired and pastel stained

I dreamt you all the shades of the rainbow and monochrome

I tried to mould this you to a memory, but the canvas blurs

and suddenly I can’t trace your face

the colours merge to form a new shade of black

a new shade of black, a new shade of dark

there’s too much darkness

A new dark shade dark

darker darker darker

even darker.                                      Where did you go?

You left on the cold steps of my imagination. Don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t go and

I tumbled,


scraped my knees on daydreams and cried out illusions

eyes stung as I awoke in reality.

Awoke to a you I did not know.


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