Heal or Inflame

Knuckles crack bone over bone muscles stretch cartilage soothes.   Knuckles crack skin to skin lungs flex stomach stings.   Knuckles crack fingers bend nails dig deep bleed and bruise.   Knuckles crack body aches fist imprint mould and cast.   Knuckles crack eyes grieve face wet ragged breath.   Knuckles crack whiplashed hearts body … Continue reading Heal or Inflame

Couldn’t Have Said It Better

Closure. Connection. Comprehension. I’m not sure if these are the perfect words for what I want out of myself. They just look safe. They just seem like the type of diction people find in their lives that makes them understand what they’re all about. I’ve hated people for it. Knowing themselves, understanding their limitations and […] … Continue reading Couldn’t Have Said It Better