Extricate: to free or release from entanglement.

Synonymous with: disengagement, disentanglement, and recovery.



I run along an intimidating hall, beige looming over me. With every touch of my bare feet to the crimson carpet, more beige materialises. The walls are drawing nearer as if reaching out to me. Shadows stomp and sway – their ceremonious flailing comforting. I am not alone, I think, as the figures beat back the wallpaper with my every step. They draw power from my flint lamp – I know they will stay by my side until the flame runs out.

My muscles begin to ache. A soreness swells up from the soles of my feet to my chest. I wonder how long the shadows and I have walked, how long we have left when I see a shimmer in the distance tearing at the darkness. I bid the shadows farewell;

I think I’ll be fine from here…



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