And Cut.

Subverted sonnet. if you are unfamiliar with a sonnet, a sonnet is a poem made up of fourteen lines each being ten syllables long that rhymes in an ABBA fashion (the first and third line are one rhyme; the second and fourth line is another).



Her manuscripts had bruises and scars;

there was depravity in every line.

Happy-endings were trapped behind rows

of sorrow, insisting that she was fine.

Her tears were published and copyrighted,

her misery was stained on a page.

Suffering alone, her grief uncited

And her happiness discoloured with age.

Writing down her pain caused it to cease.

Now she is calm, and in the ground, at peace.

The audience shouts and cries for the cast

members who cries under the cover of night.

But days after, when months have past

by, who remembers the show’s playwright?





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