To All The Boys

No don't panic, this isn't about my love life. This is about a fantastic performance poem by performance poet Mayda Del Valle called: To All The Boys I've Loved Before. The second part is beautiful. Enjoy!   The words are below: Part 1 we are not your mothers and are not meant to … Continue reading To All The Boys



  REMBERANCE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE Long ago, I created a world that was made of paper and crayon as vibrant as all that lives. Red was the colour of warmth and autumnal trees. yellow was the sun, somewhat round, sporting thick yellow rays. Blue shaped a sky that crossed pages to the tables and … Continue reading Remembrance…

‘Knock Knock’ by Daniel Beaty

Def Jam Poetry is a place of beauty and lovely poems where performance poets get on stage and subsequently make me cry (yes, I'm mad). The most moving performance poem, I have seen, is definitely Daniel Beaty's 'Knock Knock' poem about his father (no spoilers, I promise) Enjoy!:   I got the poetry … Continue reading ‘Knock Knock’ by Daniel Beaty