A Look into ‘The Bitters’ by Susie Campbell

Pubished by Dancing Girl Press (2014), this pamphlet is by a poet named Susie Campbell called ‘The Bitters’. The poetry is great; I love her take on femininity and the home. The fact that this chapbook is inspired by her gradmother’s struggles, is haunting. Below is some of her work:

‘All my raw edges soothed i am wadded from my rages… ‘ – Alice.


‘Furled with the

itch of secrets

I shiver…’  – Homespun.


‘Bake the pie for 25 miseries and reduce the tenant to 350 demons and bake until the transaction is golden brown…’  – Strawberry Malfunction.


‘I sicken at the floss of it, the twist and count, knotted in cerise, gimped in rose.’ – White Work.



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