Words for the Synthesisers

I was playing with a poetic form called the 'Villanelle'. The Villanelle is made up of five tercets (3 line stanzas) , and one quatrain (four line stanza) , with two ines that are repeated in each stanza (not much to do, right?). This is my Villanelle:   WORDS FOR THE SYNTHESISERS Don’t say it’s … Continue reading Words for the Synthesisers


Assisting Mr Dawson (Part 2/2)

“Just great. This is just what I needed.” He mumbles to himself as he attacks the spillage. “You know, I’ve had enough things to deal with today than to have it end w-” Daniella braces herself for what she knows will come next. Than to have it end with a clumsy woman and her inability … Continue reading Assisting Mr Dawson (Part 2/2)