Story Time: The Mahogany Box Part 2/2

“I can help fix it mummy, we can put it back together and it’ll be okay ag-”

“I’m sure it’ll be okay, I can fix it”.


“No it won’t be okay! It’s broken; it’s completely smashed to pieces! This was very precious to me and you’ve ruined it! Why couldn’t you just listen to me?!”

“I can fix it, I can fix it mummy just watch I can put it back together”.

“Don’t touch the wood!”


My finger hurts. I think it hurts anyway.

“What did I say?! Look you have a splinter now!”

My hand hurts.

Just go to your room and let me clean this up! I’ve told you so many times not to touch it, so many times but you just don’t listen!”

My hands hurt, and they’re sticky. They feel disgusting.

“Why, why this? Of all the things to break, why did it have to be …why?! He could’ve broken the glasses, the plates, the glass ornaments I got for Christmas, the window like the neighbour’s boy did with his stupid baseball! Anything else, he could’ve broken anything but why this?”

Why is that woman screaming? It’s giving me a headache. I should be the one screaming, he broke my box. I worked so hard putting it back together again. Do they have any idea how long that took to fix!

“Mummy…mummy are you sleeping?”


My God will. You. Shut. Up.

“Mummy I’m sorry about the box, I know you told me not to touch it ever again, I just wanted to see what was inside, I’m really sorry.”

Just shut up already!

 “Mummy? Mummy you’re really cold, you should put on a jumper. I’ll get my blanket, that always keeps me warm”.

My hands are all hairy. If I go to the café round the corner I could use their restroom.

 “Mummy … I’m really hungry … are you still sleepy?”


“If I fix the box will you wake up?”


“I’ll get the glue Miss Davies gave me to make my pop up card, it’s very sticky, and it’ll stick the pieces back together. I’ll wear gloves this time so I don’t get splinters”.

The police? No! No, not again! They can’t take me again! I have to fix the box! If I fix the box everything will okay!

No! just let me fix it! Let me fix it!

“Mummy! Mummy! help!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay Roger, the police aren’t here, everything is fine, look at me Roger, look at me, you’re safe. Whatever you think is happening, isn’t happening. No one is taking you away from the box. It’s right there, do you see it?

“The box … it’s fixed?”

“Yes Roger, you fixed it remember?”

I did?

“It’s all right now”

So where’s mummy? “Where’s mummy?”

“Your mother is not here Roger, she died remember?”

She … died?

“Years ago, you went to her funeral, you put a flower on her grave last month and told her you loved her, don’t you remember?”

Mummy’s … dead? No, no that’s not right, that can’t be right. I fixed the box, everything should be okay now. Everything should be fine!

“You’re lying! You’re lying to me! Where is she! Where’s mummy!”

“Security, we need help in Room 601 quickly!”


“Get me the general anaesthetic. Hold him still”.

I fixed the box! I fixed it!

“That should do it”.

I wasn’t bored with life, life was bored with me. People are bored with me too I think. I think everything should just …



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